Site overview

Emphasis on immediateness and interactiveness Usi Finder is a “business information dissemination site”
Business information source

Usi Finder’s role and mission is to be the next generation of business information. The Internet Yellow Pages, which not only cover business and service information across the United States, but are also updated by registered companies and reflect information instantaneously. I am convinced that it will be widely used in the business scene in everyday life as an unprecedented information source. In addition, Usi Finder emphasizes interactivity, and a mechanism has been set up so that the response from the user can be confirmed instantly.
In addition, as an ancillary service, software that can manage online schedules and address books regardless of the terminal used is also equipped. Usi Finder is packed with useful functions and services to ensure that the website is always used by ordinary users every day. We are convinced that Usi Finder is the only place where you can send your information cheaply and efficiently. Please look forward to the Usi Finder, which aims to be a source of information tomorrow.
Purpose of

    To create a place for providing information that enables Japanese and Japanese people to quickly understand the surrounding environment when studying, traveling, traveling, stationed, or living in the United States.
    Providing groupware-like functions for Japanese and Japanese to study and travel in the United States, travel, business trips, expatriates, and residents.
    Provide a place where information on Japanese businesses can be widely and directly published at a reasonable price.
    To provide a place for Japanese and Japanese people to feel closer to each other and to increase and deepen exchanges.
    To provide a tool to grasp events in Japan inexpensively and timely while staying in the United States.
    To play a part in regaining strong Japan based on the above.

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