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In using this site

    To all service users
    When using USiFinder.com, please use the service in accordance with these terms. If you agree to this, you use the service. The contents of these terms are subject to change as necessary, but please read the latest terms and conditions described on this page. The guidelines for each service are part of the structure of these Terms, and the Terms and Conditions include all of them.
    About deletion of information and deletion of registration
    If the Company determines that registration is inappropriate, such as if there is a false input, if there is false content registration, or other noticeable inconvenience to other users, if there is a legal problem, if other users If there is something that infringes or damages the rights of the user, it can be done without the user’s consent.
    About services provided by USiFinder.com
    In order to use this service, you need to access the USiFinder.com web server. USiFinder.com does not participate in any preparations or methods for users to access. USiFinder.com offers a company / shop information service, but it is possible to add, change, or delete new services. In that case, we do not guarantee the contents of the service, the reliability of the information, the access result, etc. at all.
    Many news and blog posts posted on USiFinder.com are translated programmatically by AI and can be contradictory to their original meaning. News articles are for reference only, and accuracy should be referred directly to news source sites such as government offices and companies. Please read the news article only after understanding that USiFinder is not responsible for any damage caused by mistranslation.
    About password management
    Manage passwords strictly. If your password is leaked to a third party, contact USiFinder.com immediately. Participants shall be liable for any damages arising from insufficient management of passwords, misuse or improper use, and USiFinder.com assumes no responsibility.
    USiFinder.com assumes no responsibility for problems that may occur with the use of this service, and assumes that you have agreed to these terms of service by viewing the page and using the service.
    It is necessary to stop operation for server management, maintenance, repair, web management, etc. necessary for normal operation of this service. In that case, it is usually posted on the web. However, in the event of a natural disaster, disaster, or other reason, if USiFinder.com determines that it is necessary to suspend operations, it may be stopped without prior notice.
    The information posted on this service is not guaranteed by USiFinder.com, and the content belongs to the company that posted the information. If you have any questions, please check with the company that posted the information.
    Privacy Policy
    USiFinder.com takes privacy very seriously. USiFinder.com will comply with the contents of this service in accordance with the following rules.
        The registered information will not be used contrary to these terms. Whenever USiFinder.com asks for your information, we will do our best to ensure that it does not violate these Terms.
        If we need to contact you, we may contact the registered contact.・ USiFinder.com strictly manages the registered information and does not provide it to any third parties.
        If you cause harm or loss to the rights and property of other users and other related parties, USiFinder.com, and also need to protect the rights and property of you, other related parties, USiFinder.com, etc. If necessary, USiFinder.com will take action if necessary to circumvent the problem, exercise legal measures, or require law, police, or investigation. The contents may be disclosed for the purpose of solving the problem. USiFinder.com pledges to strictly manage registration information for the protection and convenience of its users and for the sound operation of its services.
    Governing law, jurisdiction
    The governing law of these terms shall be the laws of Las Vegas. In addition, for any dispute arising between USiFinder.com and the User in connection with the Service or these Terms, the Las Vegas State Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance.
    About Terms of Use Violation
    If you find any information that violates these terms, please contact USiFinder.com.