Fully flat and relaxing space Sky Nest

Fully flat and relaxing space Sky Nest
* Air New Zealand has announced the Sky Nest Economy, a full-flat sleeping area, as a revolutionary prototype for economy class customers.
Mike Todd, Chief Marketing & Customer Officer of Air New Zealand, has many products that will attract customers for the world’s longest flight, such as the Auckland-New York route, which will take about 17 hours each way this year. He stated that he would like to introduce it as follows.”Air New Zealand has gone through a huge amount of development work to introduce innovative products to all cabin cabins.
It’s a real pain for economy class passengers on long-haul flights that they can’t stretch.
The development of the economy “SkyNest” is a direct result of this challenge. ”Air New Zealand has evaluated the performance of its Auckland-New York service, and has decided to introduce the economy“ SkyNest ”in 2021 We will make a final decision.


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