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アメリカのニュース誌トップ記事比較 2021-03-26


ニューヨークタイムス The New York Times

Biden Criticizes G.O.P. On ‘Un-American’ Bids To Limit Voting Rights

Georgia Republicans Pass Broad Curbs on Ballot Access  
バイデンは 投票権を制限するための「アメリカらしくない」入札について共和党を批判する

ウォールストリートジャーナル The Wall Street Journal

Biden Defends Border Stance, Supports Change to Filibuster

President Biden defended his approach to the southern border, signaled support for changes to the legislative filibuster and said the U.S. was unlikely to meet a May deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan during his first formal news conference since taking office.


フォックスニュース The FOX News

Ted Cruz, GOP senators come across human smugglers during nighttime border tour; video

The delegation was led by Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas
テッド・クルーズ、共和党上院議員は夜間の国境ツアー中に人間の密輸業者に出くわする; ビデオ

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