アメリカのニュース誌トップ記事比較 2021-09-17


ニューヨークタイムス The New York Times

U.S. Defense Pact With Australia Enrages France President Biden’s announcement of a deal to help Australia deploy nuclear-powered submarines has strained the Western alliance, infuriating France and foreshadowing how the conflicting American and European responses to confrontation with China may redraw the global strategic map.https://www.nytimes.com/

ウォールストリートジャーナル The Wall Street Journal

Facebook’s Staff Flags Criminals, But Company Often Fails toAct

Documents show alarm about what is on the site outside U.S., where user numbers are huge



フォックスニュース The FOX News

Cops believed Brian Laundrie was in home before they entered; parents say he’s been missing for days Brian Laundrie had been laying low at his parents’ house in North Port, Florida, since Sept. 1  https://www.foxnews.com/
警官は、ブライアン・ランドリーが入る前に家にいると信じていました。 両親は彼が何日も行方不明になっていると言う

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