“2020 Professional Baseball Chips”

“2020 Professional Baseball Chips”
* Calbee will launch 2020 Professional Baseball Chips on March 16 (Mon), 2020, ahead of the opening of professional baseball on March 20 (Fri).
Flavor is “Usushio taste” with a taste that does not get tired. In addition, 116 types of the first card list of “2020 Professional Baseball Chips” were released on the website.

Spring camp has started this year, and the season of professional baseball has arrived.
In the 2019 season, “Yomiuri Giants” won the league for the first time in five years in the Se League, “Saitama Seibu Lions” won the league consecutively in the final stage of the Pa League, and “Fukuoka Softbank Hawks” in the Japanese series “Yomiuri” It was a season with lots of talks, such as winning the Giants and winning the third consecutive victory in the Japan Series.


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