Enhance the way you enjoy your photos with high-quality prints on sticker paper

Enhance the way you enjoy your photos with high-quality prints on sticker paper

Canon will release a compact photo printer “SELPHY SQUARE QX10” in late April that can print images stored on smartphones and tablet devices on sticker paper in high quality in square format.
A small and lightweight photo printer that meets the needs of users who want to keep their memories in a beautiful form and who want to enjoy self-expression through photos.
A variety of layouts and a dedicated application that can perform a variety of processing can be used to arrange and print photos, and can be used in various ways, such as using in a notebook or album.

■ Excellent portability that allows you to enjoy printing easily A compact and lightweight design with a mass of about 445g (* 1) and a lineup of three colors, white / black / pink, allow you to easily carry one of your choice. You can enjoy.
The built-in battery allows printing anywhere.
■ High-quality, long-lasting print resistant to water droplets and dirt .
In addition, by applying a laminating process in the printing process, the surface of the photo is protected from water, oil, gas, etc., which may cause image quality degradation, and the album can be stored for 100 years (* 2).
■ Enhance your enjoyment with the square format sticker print and special application. You can print in the square format that is familiar with SNS photo sharing.
Because the paper is sticker paper, you can enjoy it by pasting it on your notebook or album.




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