Number “Interview with Keisuke Kuwata”

Number “Interview with Keisuke Kuwata”

The cover of the special issue and the opening plan are Keisuke Kuwata’s special long interview Keisuke Kuwata, a musician, loves the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and sports, thoughts for athletes, a deep relationship between music and sports, and himself as a flag swinger He was passionate about the biggest bowling tournament ever held, “KUWATA CUP 2020-Everyone’s Bowling Tournament-“.
About the support song of the joint project “Let’s do it together”, Keisuke Kuwata wrote “SMILE @ Like a clear sky” in this magazine, “Used words like” Let’s work hard, hope for tomorrow ” Did not want to use.
I don’t think we should use the expression that aims to impress with words in this song.

In addition to exclusive interviews, Keisuke Kuwata and Southern, and music and sports were featured from all angles, including the athlete characteristics of Keisuke Kuwata and the appeal of Southern All Stars from the perspective of athletes.



ラスベガスから、グランドキャニオン&アンテロープキャニオン&ホースシューベンド&セドナ 【ラグジュアリー日帰りツアー】

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