New TV commercials aired nationwide from February 1st (Sat.).

New TV commercials aired nationwide from February 1st (Sat.).

“I love moving” Future robot “Arbot” appeared

Art Corporation, which is familiar with the Art Moving Center, will broadcast a new TV commercial “Corporate Advertisement Co-star” featuring an actress, Wakana Aoi, nationwide from February 1 (Sat.).

In this CM, Wakana Aoi and the moving robot “Arbot” from the future will co-star.
Arbott’s character voice was played by Akira Ishida who appeared in “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (Kaworu Nagisa) and “Gintama” (Kotaro Katsura).

Under the move, Aoi Wakana is busy, and a reliable arbor comes in and the move proceeds smoothly.
In the scene where Arbot makes a face-to-face confession, Aoi Wakana shows a surprised expression for a moment.
Please pay attention to the arbot’s deciding lines played by Mr. Ishida and the scene where he strongly and passionately talks about moving and customers.
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