Hikawa Kiyoshi, new single “Mother” A, B, C type released on February 4

Hikawa Kiyoshi, new single “Mother” A, B, C type released on February 4Last year, Kiyoshi Hikawa, who was talked about in the 20th anniversary of his debut as a challenge beyond the music genre, will release a new single “Mother” from Nippon Columbia on February 4, 2020. Entering the 21st year of debut this year, opening a new start. It is a song that expresses the feelings of the mother who has not changed at any time. “Mother” was written by Rei Nakanishi, who wrote the poem for “Sakura,” a winner of the 2012 Japan Record Awards for Outstanding Works, and includes coupling songs for the A, B, and C types. The A type coupling “I’ll meet you someday” is a song that thinks of a separated father. The B-type coupling “Tokyo Yotoko Ondo 2020” is the “World Peace Series” following “Kiyoshi Reiko Ondo”.The accompaniment recorded in the song is sung by a woman in her voice, and plays two roles. The C-type coupling “Omoide Tavern” is an enka depicting a pure woman’s heart for a favorite man. A release commemorative event will be held at Kanagawa Odawara Dyna City on February 3 in the release week, Nagoya Asunal Kanayama on February 5 and Osaka Business Park Twin 21 Atrium on February 9 in Osaka. It is a viewing-free event.In addition, concerts will be held on February 1 and February 2 at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo. Check this out too. Comments on the release of Kiyoshi Hikawa “Mother”Thanks, It will be 20 years since its debut on February 2, 2020. On sale February 4,Kiyoshi Hikawa’s new song for the 21st year is “Mother”.About three years ago,I asked for lyrics when I was working with Nakanishi-sensei.Some songs have a specific theme in my mind,I told Nakanishi that I should make it with one letter of “mother”.Almost three years have passed,It is a completed work.Everyone in the world has a mother.I want to meet my mother,I want to please my mother,My feelings for my mother are common throughout the world.MaybeIt may be a mother who has survived.Perhaps my mother has traveled to heaven.Mother of such everyone.The only important mother who always understands me most,It is a song with a soul dedicated to such a mother who has grown smaller and lived for me.release:Hikawa Kiyoshi “ Mother ” A, B, C type released on Tuesday, February 4, 2020″Mother” Lyrics: Rei Nakashi / Composition: Masato Sugimoto / Arrangement: Takae WakakusaThe coupling song and the visual are different,A type,B type,It will be released in three types of C type.”Mother” (A type)CD: COCA-17750 MT: COSA-2421 ¥ 1,227 + taxC / W “I’ll meet you someday” (poem / composition / arrangement: Minnie P.) “Mother” (B type)CD: COCA-17751 MT: COSA-2422 ¥ 1,227 + taxC / W “Tokyo Yotoko Ondo 2020” (Poem: Tsubasa Kazu / Composition: Satoshi Hibara / Arrangement: Tadashi Yatabe) “Mother” (C type) CD: COCA-17752 MT: COSA-2423 ¥ 1,227 + taxC / W “Omoide Tavern” (Poetry: Kyosuke Kunin / Composition: Akito Yomo / Arrangement: Shigenobu Ishikura)


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