Signing and exchange ceremony of Japan-Vietnam Cooperation Memorandum

Signing and exchange ceremony of Japan-Vietnam Cooperation Memorandum

On January 12, 2020, Prime Minister Hook and Secretary-General Nikai attended a ceremony at Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, in central Vietnam, to sign 11 memorandums of cooperation between Japan and Vietnam.

As part of the Japan-Vietnam Cultural and Economic Tourism Exchange Event, 11 Japanese and Vietnamese companies and organizations exchanged memorandums of understanding on a bilaterally promoted project. Approximately 90 government officials, including Prime Minister Hook from Vietnam and LDP Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party from Japan, attended the memorandum of exchange.

The breakdown of the memorandum exchanged on this day is 4 ODA projects, 2 private investment projects, two cooperation projects, three considerations. Target areas are from the development of infrastructure, it covers a wide range of areas, such as medical care and tourism, the memorandum was signed with ministries and related organizations of both countries, municipalities, private companies, etc.  As private investment projects from Japan, jupiter SCM, responsible for international logistics in the JAL Group, the company that instructed the welding work at Hanoi International Airport, both confirmed that they will invest in the Deep Sea Industrial Park in Hai Phong, northern Vietnam.  Jupiter SCM acquires land in addition to the current rental warehouse and establishes a logistics center, Juichiya Industry will expand land and factories as business expands.  The Deepsea Industrial Estate was established in 1997 by Rentaport (Belgium), which developed the port of Antwerp, Belgium.  Develops and operates a business site with a total area of 3,400 hectares, one of the largest in Vietnam.  One of its strengths is that the site can be expanded in the same industrial park like Jupiter SCM and Juichiya.  Also, preferential tax treatment for special economic zones,Port,airport, due to the location next to the highway, currently, 15 Japanese companies are operating.


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