Mire Photo Book “Sumireiro” (Tokyo News Service) now on sale

Mire Photo Book “Sumireiro” (Tokyo News Service) now on sale.

Popular voice actor Sumire Uesaka releases her first complete photo book. An event commemorating this was held on Saturday, January 11.  Sumire Kamisaka’s photo book “Sumireiro” (published by Tokyo News Service) has appeared in numerous popular works, including the role of Cure Cosmo, a TV anime “Star Twinkle Precure” currently being broadcast, and is also active as an artist.

[Product Information] Sumire Kamisaka Photo Book “Sumireiro” ● Price: 2,727 yen + tax● Shooting: Tomoki Kuwashima● Publisher: Tokyo News Service Bookstores nationwide, Internet bookstore, and available to purchase through our TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (honto) https://zasshi.tv/


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