New drama “DASADA” starts starring Nao Kosaka from Hinatazaka 46.

BOMB February issue released on January 15.

Nao Kosaka at Hinatazaka 46, playing main roll in new drama, “DASADA” . And the creative idol unit “FACTORY” appearing in the drama “DASADA” will be the first appearance on Bomb.

Gakken Holdings Inc.”Bomb February” (Special price: 998 yen + tax)

★ Double appendix 1. double-sided poster Nao Kosaka / Mei Higashimura, Haruna Kawada, Yoshika Matsuda (46 Hyugazaka) 2. Double-sided poster Miku Tanaka / Madoka Moriyasu (HKT48)

★ HKT48 SP  Front&back 29 pages! !

★ Life-size Miku Tanaka

★ Madoka Moriyasu’s The piano solo album “I in Me” was released on Wednesday, January 29.


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